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Maria Grazia Nicosia was born in Florence and began studying dance with Traut 

Faggioni Streiff, continuing her studies in classical ballet with Dutch teacher Daria 

Collin, famous both in Florence and all of Italy.

Subsequently she perfected her studies with some of the most prestigious 

European teachers and choreographers such as:  Victor Gsovsky, Gaskel, 

Pereslaveck, Besobrasova, Pakasky, Cebron e Yuriko.

A professional dancer already at the early age of 15 at the Teatro Comunale of 

Florence, she became Prima Ballerina of the Corps de Ballet of the same Maggio 

Musicale Fiorentino, today known as “Maggio Danza”, interpreting with great 

technical - stylistic rigour and intense expression principal roles of both classical 

and modern repertoires, performing with world renowned dancers such as Carla 

Fracci, Rudolf Nureyev, Margot Fonteyn, Vladimir Vassilev, Peter Schuafuss, 

Elisabetta Terabust, Mikhail Baryshnikov….

She has collaborated with some of the most important Italian and foreign 

choreographers, among which, Micha Van Hoecke, Oscar Araiz, Aurel Millos, 

Geoffrey Cauley, Joseph Russillo, Ivan Marko, Fabrizio Monteverde, Charles 

Vodoz and Maurizio Dolcini. 

She has also had the privilege of working with well known maestros and 

choreographers such as: Clotilde ed Alessandro Sakharoff, Leonide Massine, 

Nicholas Beriozoff,  Nijnska Bronislava, Maurice Béjart, Eugenio Polyakov ....

Together with Cristina Bozzolini, she helped found  the “Collettivo Danza 

Contemporanea”  of which she was part of for nine years and later contributed to its

transformation  into the “Balletto di Toscana”, where she worked for the entire first 

year.  This experience was crucial for diffusing knowledge of Contemporary  Dance,

which, unfortunately, at that time was not often present in the programmes of 

traditional theatres.

Through the “Collettivo”  she was able to broaden her knowledge of American 

Modern Dance and German Theatre Dance by working with choreographers such 

as Ector Barriles, Susanna Zimmerman, Robbie Nadas and to develop for the 

Balletto di Toscana an artistic collaboration with the famous dancer-choreographer

Nil Christe of the Nederlands Dans Theater.

As of 1975 Maria Grazia Nicosia founds and directs the “Centro Studi Danza” in 

Grassina, renowned for its selection of  qualified teachers and the high number of 

subscriptions, placing it among the most prestigious dance schools of the Tuscan 


The Association also offers music courses under  the artistic direction of Franco 

Cipolla, founding member of the Association and Soloist of the Orchestra Maggio 

Musicale Fiorentino.

In 1985  Danza Primavera has its first spin-off with the inauguration of “Panorami di

Scuole di Danza” and the first professional performances held in combination with 

video conferences.

In 1988 Nicosia performed in the “La Valse” by Ravel with the choreography of the 

famous Hungarian choreographer Ivan Marko (étoile of the Maurice Béjart 

Company) during the Ballet Evening at the “Maggio Musicale Fiorentino”, obtaining

both critical and public acclaim. This enormous success led Marko to invite Nicosia 

as a guest in his Ballet Company, the “Il Gyori Ballett”.

In 1989 Ivan Marko created especially for Nicosia the ballet “La Madre” based on 

music by G. Verdi, to be performed for the first time during the fifth edition of 

“Danza Primavera”, a Festival founded by Nicosia.

Nicosia’s performance highlighted the intensity, versatility and dramatic character of

the piece and was acclaimed by Marko himself and the critics with such enthusiasm

as to reconfirm her notoriety as the “Anna Magnani of Dance” in this choreography

gender (La Nazione, La Repubblica, Corriere di Firenze, La Città ecc.). This great 

success was repeated during a  European tour that followed featuring Marko’s 

Ballet Company with Nicosia as guest star.

This prolific period saw the creation of another great ballet -  “Chiusi uno nell’altro” 

in which the choreographer performs together with Nicosia. The event was first held

during the “Danza Primavera” Festival in 1990 and  later the ballet was performed 

in various European theatres.

In April 1992 Nicosia is invited by the Hungarian Television as principal star of the 

movie “Predicazioni”, based on the religious theories of the Theologian Maestro 

Eckart and directed by Orsola Szekely.

It is also during this year that Fabrizio Monteverde inaugurates the eighth edition of

Danza Primavera in the “La Voce”, creating and performing together with Nicosia 

the choreography inspired by J. Cocteau with music by F. Poulenc.

In 1993 Nicosia is awarded the “Città di Cascina” Prize together with Luciana 


In 1999 she receives the award  “Una vita per la danza” (A life for Dance) by the 

A.I.C.S., the Florence Provincial Committee.

In 1999 she also founds the Concorso Internazionale di Danza “Eugenio Polyakov”,  

which has reached its seventh edition in 2005 and is held with the patronage of the

Premiership, The Ministry for the Cultural and Environmental Heritage, the Province

of Florence and the Town of Bagno a Ripoli, with prizes in representation of the 

Presidency of the Republic,  the Presidency of the Senate and the Presidency of 

the Chamber of Deputies.

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